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Message from the EAPRD Board As we head into the winter season and settle in at EAPRD we are excited to celebrate the goals we have accomplished and we now endeavor to set new goals. Programming has successfully launched with regular attendance of members in programs ranging from Cycling to TRX class. We have exceeded surrounding communities in Silver Sneakers enrollment within our first quarter. The center has experienced the excitement of hosting an increased amount of local volleyball games with the additional gym space. The community room and party rooms continue to receive steady booking reservations with weddings, birthday parties, corporate trainings and supplementing our class programming. Our most recent project coming to completion soon is the concession and restroom facilities located at the Community Ball Field Park. The amenity will provide an ease of access to restrooms and the ability for concessions provided at tournaments. The challenges facing the board and facility directors now are coordinating programming to maximize efficiency and accommodate the demand for more classes and possible longer opening hours. We continue constant review at our monthly board meetings of our budget analysis with the assistance of our financial advisor Alan Holmberg. Our initial success could not happen without the tremendous support of our shareholders and the dedication of our hard-working staff. We are fortunate to live in a community where health and fitness are a priority for all ages. We look forward to tackling the challenges of continued growth and facility planning to ensure the center is offering the highest level of customer service along with programming and maintaining a state of the art facility. — Julie Kennedy, EAPRD Vice President Message from EAPRD District Director, Byan Kentfield We have come to an interesting intersection in the very brief history of the Eaton Area Park & Recreation District. Over the past five years, three years for me, the goal and vision was clear. Create a financially stable, multipurpose community facility for Eaton and the surrounding communities - Check. Now what though? How do we continue to be groundbreaking? Innovative? Effective? Efficient? Responsible? Transparent? Develop Community Relations? All buzzwords and concepts that we turn to leading into 2018. The process is underway already and we as a staff are not afraid to involve all of you! Look forward to being sought out. Your opinions, your customer experience as a parent, coach, or participant. We want to make sure that what we provide is exactly what you want. Our job becomes simple at that point; we get the opportunity to fit your ideas and dreams into our budgets and world of recreation. What can come of it? Who knows, maybe we continue to be good at what we do and what we provide, or maybe, just maybe, we begin to change the industry of recreation. We show that when school districts, towns, communities and truly special, motivated, smart individuals with the right intentions and priorities work together, the quality of life for the shareholder becomes like nowhere else – the Eaton Way. —Bryan Kentfield, EAPRD District Director