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Message from the EAPRD Board


As we sit in freezing cold temperatures it is difficult to believe summer will be upon us soon! The Eaton Area Park & Recreation District will have a number of wonderful opportunities for our members to get out of the heat and maintain their fitness goals. The summer day camp has been a tremendous success in the past and will be offered again. The camp provides a safe place for children during the off school season with a variety of activities engaging them in mental and physical tasks. The new fields will be put to great use with tournaments and games. Class schedules will continue to challenge members in their physical fitness. The season will bring an exciting time of increased activity to the center. We encourage you to continue to use your Community Center.


The Board would like to extend its gratitude to the staff members of EAPRD. The loss of a member of our community is tragic and painful. The staff lived out our mission statement of being the heart of the community, providing a place for grieving members, a moment of silence and the ability to hold a forum for discussion of achieving problem resolution in our community’s safety.


— Julie Kennedy, EAPRD President


Message from EAPRD District Director, Byan Kentfield


At the Eaton Area Park & Recreation District, we believe that trust is at the heart of

all relationships.


In January 2018 the EAPRD delivered over 100 tax forms to employees of the District. Taxes are never fun to bring up, but in this case, it showed how far we came in just under 12 months. Not only did the EACC open, but we also brought on a team of 100+ to be the heart of the facility and really make it the place you all have come to know and love. Now, it hasn’t been all rainbows and butterflies, but we have managed to put together a team that cares and bought into our process.


Last July, with all staff on board, excited and ready to roll, we found ourselves in the unique position of, “who are we, what are we about, and how do we define either?” Many organizations have a mission statement or core values… you know, the words painted on the wall that no one reads or the sentence that management “loves” and staff mocks? When it comes down to it, the difference between good and bad teams/organizations, whether it’s a high school basketball team or a million-dollar corporation is buy in. Those who are doing all the work must know that their voice and what they believe in matters. We set out on a mission to define what is important to those who call the EAPRD home. Many came back with family, friends, pets and golf (me), but then some came back with building relationships, making an impact or difference, and serving before self. From there, we identified that our three core values as a District are TRUST, COMMUNITY & OPPORTUNITY. Three words that just don’t get painted on the wall but that are bought into and used in every critical decision for the EAPRD.


The, “We Believe” statement made at the beginning on the note is the first of three statements we’ll carry out moving forward. Trust, the heart of all relationships is something simple, yet strong that is now a pillar for what we do here. Whether it is youth basketball, Eaton’s Explorers, Personal Training or EACC safety and security, we will continue to earn your trust through transparency, accountability, and quality. If we don’t, know your voice can and will be heard. If there is ever a comment to be made or a concern with a decision, I will listen and provide action. It is my absolute pleasure and I am so proud to be your Director of the Eaton Area Park & Recreation District.


Please do not hesitate to contact me for anything – or 970-893-1199.


—Bryan Kentfield, EAPRD District Director

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