FACILITY rules and policies




All guests utilize the Eaton Area Community Center at their own risk. The Eaton Area Park and Recreation District expects reasonable and appropriate behavior from those who utilize district facilities and participate in district activities. The EAPRD has developed a code of conduct to ensure the safe enjoyment of all services and reserves the right to deny admission or take disciplinary action against those in violation. A violation includes, but is not limited to, the use of obscene language or gestures, theft, disorderly conduct, public intoxication, sexual misconduct, indecency, harassment, failure to cooperate with EACC staff, possession of weapons of any kind, non-compliance with established policies and procedures, an unlawful act, and any other behavior considered offensive or unacceptable.


* Children ages 0 - 9 must be directly supervised by a responsible person age 14 and above unless the child is participating in a EAPRD sponsored activity.


* No food or beverages will be allowed past the lobby with the exception of bottled water and sports drinks.


* Eaton Area Parks and Recreation District reserves the right to withhold service to any patrons who refuse to follow district guidelines and code of conduct while in a district facility or while attending or participating in any district program.


* Alcoholic beverages or illegal narcotics are not permitted in the EACC or on District property. Swift and appropriate actions will be taken against those suspected of those using or being under the influence of either substance.


* Appropriate attire is required when visiting or using the EACC. Shirts and shoes are required at all times (except in the pool). Non-marking shoes are required in the gymnasium and fitness area.


* Athletic attire including closed toe athletic shoes is required in upstairs fitness area.


* Proper swim attire is required in the pool area, including mesh-lined trunks for males and swim suits for females - street clothes are strictly prohibited.


* Guests are strongly encouraged to bring their own lock and or purchase one at the Welcome Desk. Lockers are for daily use only, items left in lockers will be removed and placed in lost and found. EAPRD is not responsible for lost and or stolen items.


* A valid form of identification is required for equipment check out. Acceptable forms include EACC pass, school ID, library card, drivers license or other government issued ID.


* Although we encourage alternative modes of transportation to the EACC, bicycles, skateboards, and scooters are not allowed inside the facility.


Non-Discrimination Policy


The Eaton Area Park and Recreation District does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, sex, color, religion, national origin, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation or any other status protected by law.


Americans with Disabilities Act


We are committed to supporting individuals with disabilities and are happy to discuss any special accommodations or adaptations necessary for participation. Please contact the EACC at 970.454.1070 for assistance requests or inquiries.


We Appreciate your Support and Flexibility


We make every effort to be completely accurate in this guide. Information is subject to change. We apologize for any errors that may have been missed.

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