The Eaton Area Community Center Gymnasium is an absolute gem within our building. With a peak height of 48’, the size will overwhelm at first then provide and meet so many community needs moving forward. Inspired by the many local, large barns in Eaton, this facility brings an old school feel but is packed with amenities that are far from it!

Features of your new gymnasium


* Six remote controlled, easy adjust basketball hoops (8’-10’)


* Two ceiling mounted volleyball nets


* Three painted pickleball courts


* Two wireless scoreboards


* Retractable curtain to separate courts when needed


*Versatile spectator seating for events


* Two large, energy efficient fans for proper air circulation


* 20 skylights for a comfortable and energy efficient mix of natural and fixed light


* 70+ hours of public gym availability scheduled each week


New. Beautiful. Multi-Purpose. Yours - Let's Keep It that Way!


* Please make sure to respect your new facility


* Non-marking shoes only


* Liquids must be in a container with lid - sports drinks and water only please


* Equipment may be checked out from the Welcome Desk. Please do not kick any volleyballs or basketballs


* Dunking is not allowed on any hoop unless during EAPRD league play


* No disrespect, fighting, or profanity


* EACC Code of Conduct applies at all times — please report all incidents to the EACC Welcome Desk

Facility Rules & Policies

Rates & Pass Information

Hours of Operation


Leisure Pool


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